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Rajasthan Horticulture And Nursery Society

The Horticulture Department established in the state in 1989-90. Providing quality planting material to the farmers of the State is a major challenge for the Horticulture Department.  Prior to the establishment of the RAJHANS , due to limitations of limited budget allotment and accounting rules, there was difficulty in producing good quality planting material in the state.

Traditional cultivation in Rajasthan is now being converted into commercial farming. As a result of this, fruits,vegetables cumin, fenugreek, coriander etc.  and medicinal crops  have been recognized national level flowers, vegetables and medicinal crops in the state. Nowadays, the attention of the farmers is being taken in taking lesser risk crops and more profitable crops.
Due to lack of adequate budget on government nurseries, there was a problem in producing good quality planting material. And spending more time in preparing plants on state nurseries. In the Eleventh Five Year Plan, ten thousand hectares under  new orchard every year was planned for the state, for which an average of 30 lakh plants have to be arranged per year in the state, whereas only 10 to 12 lakh plants were being available, the deficiencies of planting material fullfilled by  the RAJHANS nurseries. To fullfill  the gap of demand and supply of plants the farmers of the state they buy the  plants from outside the state, which has a mortality rate of more than 50 percent. Plants purchased from outside were relatively expensive.
The area of ​​fruits, spices, flowers, vegetables and medicinal crops in the state is 168,000 hectare which is only 4.00 percent of the total area of ​​cultivable area of ​​206.61 lakh hectare which should be at least 10 percent.  On average, one lakh kg of seeds are required for crops, vegetables, spices etc. Whereas only 5000 Kg seeds are available in the state. In the aforesaid purpose, it has become necessary that in order to provide autonomy for the production of plants in the commercially and viable manner of the government  nurseries, department of horticulture constitute a State Horticulture and Nursery Society (RAJHANS) by a Cabinet note  20/2006 to work as a Autonomy body. Since 2008-09, RAJHANS has been providing quality plant material with its limited resources to the farmers.

Society Objectives:

The following objectives of this institution are: -
1. Work on all subjects related to horticulture development in the state.
2.To available the healthy Biju, Grafted, Buded and other types of quality of advanced varieties to the farmer of the state
3. Strengthening of all the nurseries through the Horticulture department in the state,for arrangements of the planting material and other horticultural inputs and make them self-reliant for meet their physical and financial needs.
4. To provide technical kow-how for establishment of new nurseries for the production of plants and promotion of organic farming. 
5. Promotion of establishment of orchards, maintenance and production of  new species of plants in ancient maart gardens and small gardens.
6. Fulfilling the demand of the good planting material by the production of various types of plants in the private sector for the farmers of the state.
7. Establishment of orchards in the state at different levels of modern and high-tech plants based on the business level and to register them.
8. Promotion, training, demonstration, skilled experts and the general public, through experts advise and other promotional activities for  the farmers, other departments, voluntary organizations, boards, private and public sector undertakings etc. Increasing employment opportunities by providing services to workers.
9. To organize post harvest management, preservation laboratories, packing, grading, value addition unit installation etc. for the development of the industry.
10. Supplying quality plants and other essential materials from state and outside the state for farmers, general public, various institutions / departments etc. and to work for getting more value of the products and services available in the state.
11. Providing various types of horticultural crops such as fruits, vegetables, spices, medicinal and fragrant crops, flower ornamental, etc., in the state, with the production of planting material to various departments and farmers / institutions etc.
12. To operate and supply plants, machinery, shielding substances, all inputs (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals etc.), plastics etc. from various institutions / private sector and to provide them to others as a unified institution.

Rajhans officers

(Naresh Pal Gangwar)
Principal Secretary to the Government (Agriculture and Horticulture)
 And Chairman '' Rajhans ''
(V.Sarvan Kumar)
Commissioner Horticulture
Chief Executive Officer '' Rajhans ''
(Davender Choudhary)
Joint Director Horticulture (Nursery)
And Member Secretary '' Rajhans ''
(Mahesh Chejara)
Dy. Director Horticulture (Nursery)
And Treasurer '' Rajhans ''
(Savita Choudhary)
Assistant Director Horticulture (Nursery)
(Brijwasi Meena)
Executive Officer '' Rajhans ''
(Sheela Sharma)
S.M.S (Horticulture)
(Kanaram Jat)
Agricultural officer (Horticulture)